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The EMAJ Hotel is located in the Historical Center of Guimarães. The town is the birthplace of the Portuguese nationality. It was the first Capital of Portugal and for that reason it’s Historical Capital.

Much before, Quintana of Vimaranes (therefore the name Guimarães, and the origin of  is habitants, Vimaranenses) owned by the Count  Hermenegildo Mendes and his wife the Countess Mumadona, which arrived in the X Century to raise the Monastery of Salvador do Mundo. Around this Monastery the Vimaranense village was born. It was here in Guimarães that the first Courts in 1093 have decided the ruling of the Portucalense County to the Count D. Henrique of Burgundy. 

Guimarães was also the place where the Battle of S. Mamede took place which resulted in the Independence of Portugal. Until 1852 Guimarães was a Village. In that year the Queen of Portugal D. Maria II visits the Village and as a thank you note for its welcoming reception entitles City. The Historical Center of the City, thanks to the preservation of its Architectonical and Historical Heritage is elected by UNESCO as World Heritage. Recently in 2012, was chosen as European Capital of Culture.

Within the Historical Center of Guimarães, the highlight is the Toural Square considered since the XVIII Century its main Square. On the north side XVIII Century it has Pombalino style buildings and on the other sides XIX and early XX Century buildings reflecting the City's industrial and commercial growth. It’s exactly here that EMAJ Guimarães Boutique Hotel is located.

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